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Spring 2018 Officers


Joyce Mattingly

JoyceThe president leads the chapter to excellence. She is responsible for the duties of the other officers and to follow the national and chapter bylaws. The president also leads the executive and chapter meetings every week. This elected position lasts for two consecutive semesters. The officer begins the first semester as the president-elect to learn the responsibilities and becomes president for the following semester.





Aimee Escolano

AimeeThe President-Elect assists the President in his duties and assists other board members with various tasks. This elected position lasts for two consecutive semesters. The officer begins the first semester shadowing the President to learn the responsibilities and becomes President for the following semester.





Lauren Barett

LaurenThe treasurer maintains the chapter's financial records through the use of Quickbooks and financial statements. She reports the financial status of the chapter to the members. She also plans all fundraising activities for the chapter.






VP of Communications

Sara Holloway

SaraThe VP of Communications maintains current information and communications for Beta Alpha Psi. This includes updating the chapter's brochure, flyers, and postings. She coordinates classroom visits to inform students about the chapter. The VP of Communications sends regular emails about upcoming meetings, events, and opportunities.




VP of Planning

Felicia Nilsson

FeliciaThe VP of Planning plans and coordinates the spring banquet and fall casino night. She also plans all community service activities. This includes running the free tutoring program that the chapter officers to all accounting students.





VP of Professional Development

Jiawei Li

JiaweiThe VP of Professional Development maintains contact with all professionals in order to schedule speakers for the weekly meetings. He is also responsible for bringing the refreshments to the meetings.






VP of Reporting

Linh Nguyen


The VP of Reporting maintains records for Beta Alpha Psi. She keeps track of all Candidate and Member attendance and community service hours.



Faculty Advisor

Brett Kawada

KawadaThe faculty advisor is the guiding force behind the chapter. In addition to providing counsel and assistance to the chapter, he serves as a liaison between the chapter and the national chapter as well as between the chapter and the various administrative units of SDSU. He is also there to make sure the chapter follows the national and chapter bylaws. You may wish to contact him if you have any confidential issues that you do not feel comfortable discussing with a student officer.